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All records that match your selected criteria are listed below. If you see your vehicle listed, come to our office with payment and proper identification and we’ll get your vehicle as quickly as possible.

My vehicle is listed! What’s Next?

If A Tow has your vehicle due to an accident, illegal parking, or police tow we will gladly help you recover it as quickly as possible. All vehicles are released from our Atlanta and Alpharetta storage lots.

Please bring with you proof of ownership, driver’s license and payment.

Q. What do I need for proof of ownership?
A.  A copy of your title or current tag receipt. Insurance papers are NOT accepted.

Q. What forms of payment are accepted?
A.  Cash, credit cards and certified funds.

Q. What if I am not the vehicle owner but need to pick it up on someone’s behalf?
A.  If you are not the owner, please know the vehicle VIN/Make/Model/Description and bring with you a signed, dated and notarized letter from the owner.  If the owner is in custody, a completed and signed Jail Vehicle Release Form is required.

Q. How much will I have to pay?
A.  The state of Georgia regulates all towing fees for private property impounds. The total cost depends on type of impound and how long we keep your vehicle. You can expect to pay a maximum of $175 for private property impounds, a maximum of $70 for notification fees and a maximum of $25 PER DAY storage.  Other contractual impounds vary.


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